Even only fifteen years ago, there was only one kind of yoga mat, made of PVC and known for its stickiness. The color preference was also very minimal. However, with yoga gaining popularity, there’s now a yoga mat to fit any priority and importance.

You need to be able to stand stably on your yoga mat. It needs to be store-able and compact but cozy and comfy. You may want an eco-friendly yoga mat as well. Here are some of the popular kinds of yoga mats.

#1 Sticky Yoga Mats

The most popular yoga mat style is the essential sticky yoga mats. They have a mildly oily feel, meaning you can keep your yoga poses without falling for a more extended period. That will help you to stop worrying about falling during your yoga classes.

You can choose between a 1/8′ to a 1⁄4′ thickness. The latter is the better option because it offers more natural cushioning for your body when you do those demanding yoga routines. Compared to other styles, they are less costly, so beginners should buy them.

#2 Plastic Yoga Mats

There have been developments in the manufacturing of yoga mats. Spectacular examples of these technologies are synthetic elastomer yoga mats. As they do not contain PVC, latex, and other harmful materials, these mats are environmentally friendly and pleasing to use.

Good traction is provided by a plastic elastomer mat, and they are slip-resistant. Since it scarcely absorbs water and dirt, it is effortless to scrub. Because of its features, it’s one of the finest yoga mats on the market. For yoga students who have sensitive health, this mat is most suitable.

#3 Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Sticking with tried and tested solutions, such as natural rubber yoga mats, gives you peace of mind. They are one of the first two kinds of yoga mats released for nature-oriented yogis on the market. This kind of yoga mat is made of natural rubber material with non-toxic and eco-friendly properties.

In general, natural rubber yoga mats are made from materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. For eco-friendly yoga practitioners who aspire to leave a small carbon footprint, this is really good.

#4 Jute Mats

The planet is going green, and practitioners of yoga move in the same direction. By picking a jute mat for your yoga workouts, you can hop on the bandwagon. It is regarded by various Yoga mat reviewers as an eco-friendly form because it is made from a natural material.

Jute fibers are biodegradable and most commonly found in South East Asia. Due to its natural breathing quality, a jute mat is suitable for all sorts of Yoga workouts. It resembles most yoga mats in longevity and stickiness of synthetic content.

The introduction of new materials and production techniques makes yoga mat designs more effective and robust. Just choose the right yoga mat to respond to your primary concerns, namely this important yoga material’s functionality, quality, and durability.


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