Dress shoes for men have been dull since the beginning. Either black or the good old plain brown was the fashion until recently when different colors started popping in the fashion industry for men.

It seems that men are embracing colors again. But here’s the deal, you are only good at what you do daily and consistently and having to style green dress shoes for men isn’t something you do regularly. So, here’s how a handy dandy guide so you can style your green dress shoes:

Green Loafers with Khaki Pants

Here’s something that is never falling out of fashion; Khakis. You can wear them with pretty much any shoes, and an olive blazer will do the rest for completing your modern yet dapper look. Add a white shirt under that blazer, and you are ready to rock and roll!

Oxford Shoes with Rugged Jeans

Oxford shoes have been around for quite a while now, and the options to pair them with other outfits are countless. Blue-green oxfords, rugged blue jeans, and a tight fit white shirt are all you need to look “good” in family gatherings and events.

Wear a scarf if you are feeling a bit innovative and adventurous.

Green Loafers with Shorts

Again, green shoes for the win here. Wear any dark-colored shorts and a half-sleeved shirt for a casual look on the go. You’ll be surprised with how much you can change the two (Short and Shirt), but green shoes will work with pretty much anything at hand.

Green Shoes with a Grey Suit

Looking for something classy yet somewhat casual? Green loafers with a suit lie somewhere between extremely traditional to quite a bit carefree look. If you plan before buying the suit, you can also go for a full white and white and red suit.

Bomber Jacket and Green Shoe Combo

Want to look like a complete gent? A dark-colored bomber jacket with a light shirt underneath can be a kickoff. You’ll have to wear light jeans or, more preferably, white jeans to complement the dark color above.

Add an exposed brown or dark belt to the combo if you feel like it.

Green Shoes with Brown Leather

Remember what we just said about khakis? They look stunning with a brown closed jacket up top with a charcoal black shirt underneath. Add a pair of green shoes and glasses to the equation, and you are ready to look authoritative.

Grey Chinos and Green Shoes

A blue shirt and grey chinos are a must in every guy’s wardrobe. The only reason being the options, the options are numberless as a blue shirt, and grey chinos can go with each other and almost any other color. You can spice things up a little by wearing green boots.

Final Words

You can rock green shoes with pretty much anything from your collection. Wearing green shoes becomes easy when you take some inspiration from the ideas mentioned above.


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