Technology is improving at an exponential rate these days. Technology makes our life a lot easier. One of the most common examples is baby monitors. For example, a baby monitor with a baby heart and oxygen monitor will let you monitor your baby’s heart rate and breathing rate. It is very efficient if you are a busy parent and can’t give that much time for the care of the baby.

Other than breathing and heart rate monitoring, there are various fruitful features of a baby monitor. These are effective in multiple ways. Baby monitors mainly work on sensors and also have Wi-Fi features. So, you have a great perk of monitoring your baby remotely.

#1. Sleep Monitoring

Sleep attributes of the baby monitors may be one of the best features. Sometimes when the baby is alone, they don’t get to sleep easily. Through baby monitors, you can put your baby to sleep. That may be with the help of projecting a lullaby through the speakers of the baby monitor.

Also, you can keep track of your baby is having a nice sleep. The baby monitor will ping you if the baby is awake or needs attention. The monitoring device that you will have also has speakers. So, if the baby cries, you will be able to hear it.

#2. Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is the most basic feature. It mainly provides security for your baby. For instance, we talked about monitoring your baby’s sleep. You can do that with the help of video monitoring. There are also audio monitors to hear what’s going around.

Most smart monitors have parental units with various features. But, the cheapest ones can only monitor your baby through videos and audio. And also, you will have Wi-Fi features. So, you can keep track of the baby from anywhere in the world.

#3. Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring baby monitors are good for both tropical areas and stable environments. Babies are sensitive, and small environmental changes can move their harmony off balance. Through temperature monitoring features of baby monitors, you can control and track the temperature level of air conditioners.

Smart monitors have these features. But the main problem is that they are not that cheap. Baby monitors with temperature monitoring also come with heart rate and breathing sensors. So, you can also track the breathing and heart rates of the baby.

#4. Sound and Light Sensors

You will want your baby to have a sound sleep. For a good rest, your baby will need good surroundings. Sound and light can disturb your baby’s sleep. Through baby monitors, you can control the sound output and light sensitivity.

Smart monitors have mostly five to six levels of light sensitivity. This is enough for the monitoring of the baby. But, you can take a better one with more stories.

#5. Breathing and Heart Rate Sensors

Breathing and heart rate monitoring is the best feature you can get. Through smart baby monitors, you can track the oxygen level and heart rate of the baby. It is good for security and proper precautions for the baby.


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