Throughout human history, we can find examples of stone carvings. It is widely regarded as an art. Moreover, it is the process of creating a sculpture by an artist. You can find a lot of sculptures and carve in the ancient caves. Primitive humans used to communicate by stone carvings.

The process of carving is unique. Artists strike softer stones with hard stones. Today I will tell you about some of the best stones for carving.

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#1. Alabaster stone

This stone is probably the best stone for carving. It is soft. Splits along hidden cracks. Furthermore, it tends to flake, and it is on the expensive side.

But it is worth the expenditure. It looks stunning with its colours. Additionally, it takes a high polish. Its beauty may make you overlook the actual carving. Furthermore, its internal grains that add to the beauty might also increase the breakage factor.

#2. Limestone

Limestone forms on the seafloor. It is made out of the bodies of primitive sea creatures. Mineral calcite composes limestone. This stone is widely available for commercial use.

It is very easy to purchase, and the cost is very low. In addition to that, it is very soft and can hold small details. Even though it is not very colourful, you can create a variety of textures on it. It can be polished, though the Polishness does not blast long. But one interesting fact about this stone is that it can survive acid rain better than other stones. This means you can use it on the outdoor premises pretty comfortably.

#3. Marble stone

You are familiar with marble stone. White marble has been a classic for a long time. Since the ancient greeks to the Tajmahal, it is widely regarded. 

Marble stone is moderately hard to carve. It needs special tools to master. Additionally, it holds fine details, and its crystalline structure sparkles. Then, it has its cons; for example, It does not hold up in acid rains as its surface deteriorates over time.

#4. Granite 

Granite is particularly difficult to carve. It is because it is a hard stone. You must have a special set of tools to carve on this stone properly. Granite comes in a variety of colours. The size of granite may vary from large and coarse to fine and dense. 

You can cut through granite stones easily with diamond saws and cup grinders, even though you have to be careful when cutting this stone. So, better to do it by professionals. Because cutting it breaks off chips off crystals. In short, be careful while cutting this stone.

#5. Sandstone

Sandstone might be the best stone for carving, depending on who you are. But, they are very aggressive to your chisels. Even if you are a beginner, you can cut these stones easily.

This type of stone is formed from sedimentary sand by calcium carbonate or silica. Moreover, it has a distinct direction as it has silica, and it is very dusty to work with. You might start to have breathing issues. So, I recommended wearing a respirator while working.


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