1. Open Almost Anything Using Preview

The versatility of the Preview app allows you to open anything using a single app. People usually don’t know about it and they usually think that it is only used for opening Images. That’s not true. Documents, PDF, Images, PowerPoint are just scraping the surface. Right click on the file and click Open in Preview and you will have your file opened within seconds.

2. Make Changes in Multiple Files at the Same Time

You may know that Preview can open multiple files at a time (another tip if you didn’t know already). You can also change multiple files too. Use Command + A to select all the files that you have opened and then you can make changes like adjusting the size, changing the format and whatnot. Make sure to check it out as it can save up a lot of your time. For example, open a single or multiple Illustrator files in Preview and export it as a JPEG or PNG.

3. Annotations

You don’t need a PDF viewer or MS Word to annotate in a document on a Mac PC. Preview can do it all for you. Many people don’t know that they can annotate and highlight something using Preview. Open your document or a screenshot or image and then go to the Tools tab and click Annotate. You will then see a wide variety of options that can be used to annotate from shapes to highlighting colors and simple drag-to-move annotation motion. It is a very handy tip to know.

4. Lockdown the File

Preview lets you lock the file to the only view or duplicate it so that no one other than you can edit that particular file. Use the little arrow that appears right next to the file name and check the box that says Locked and you will be good to go.

5. Secure Sharing

Talking about security, you can now share your files securely by password protecting them. It is fairly easy and definitely secures your files or documents. While sharing, use the export as PDF to share the file as PDF. Now, you want to click show details and then Encrypt. Once you click that, it will ask you to enter the password and then you can share the file without having a concern of security.

6. Digital Signature

The preview has a unique option of adding your signature directly to the document that you may need to sign. It can save you the need to print out the document, signing it and then scanning it back to the digital view as a signed document which seems like quite the hassle. Preview allows you to sign your own signature using the trackpad. It then stores the pattern using the mapping and then previews it first before storing it. Think about how much is being saved here. Once you have signed, you can resize and move the signature so that you can insert it wherever you want it to be.

We know, Preview is amazing, but it can convert PDF to Word Mac free online for the obvious reason that Word is Microsoft’s product.

You still use an online converter or third party software to do that. Search the term ‘pdf to word converter online free without email’ and begin testing.


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