Below is the list of signs that clearly indicate that you should change your managed services provider.

1. Poor Communication

The host offering managed services is responsible for proper communication, call support and 24/7 technical assistance. If you see the host is not offering these services properly, you should think about changing the cloud based medical software provider. No company or client can afford such blunders when they are paying heavy amounts for just managed hosting services.

2. Frequent Downtimes

You see the website is going down very often. This happens when the fails to provide timely assistance and maintenance services. The managed hosting provider has the responsibility to offer higher uptime and make sure the site doesn’t go down. When the site is often down, it affects the business reputation and customer get irritated. How can you keep up with such a host that is causing loss to your business even when you are paying them?

3. Irregular/Hidden Costs

In managed services, there comes cloud service or cloud based medical software. In this type of hosting the clients pay according to the use. If you notice the host is charging you more than expected or there are irregular billings every month, you should change the host. That is because of their poor management, no care to monitoring and cutting down costs. You can also change the managed host when you see their rates are higher than market rates.

4. Poor Site Performance

The website performance is dependent on the hosting service. If the web host ensures great care, maintenance and monitoring the site will keep performing better and as the clients expect. In case the site has poor or bad performance, that is because of the poor hosting services. You should talk to the host and ask them to manage it better. If you still notice the same poor site performance, you should switch to a new web host who promises better site performance.

5. Bad System Security

In managed services, the service provider is responsible for the safety and security of the site and data. They are also responsible to ensure the working site, no data loss, data backups and improved security. The clients have all the rights and options to move to a new provider for cloud based medical software when they notice the site doesn’t have good security. If you experience hacking attempts and attacks, that is the right time to leave the current host and get services of the new one.

6. Recurring IT Issues


All websites have many IT related issues. But the cloud based medical record storage hosting is to allow the clients get rid of such problems and have a working website. So if you see the site has frequent issues and they have not been solved for some time, you should move to the new host.

7. Better Cloud Options

If all this issues and things combined together and you get a better hosting option, you must go with the new one. Make sure the new host is better, has improved services, more options and gives you more control over the cloud services. Charges should also be considered while moving to the new hosts.


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