If you’re looking for a contract-free mobile plan for unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS, you’ll get a good idea in this content. Also, you’re in luck if you like to get a decent monthly data allowance. These days, the buyer’s market is real with a lot of third party provider for all types of mobile spend. As a result, you don’t need to be worried as the offers are much more and can avoid a lengthy contract basis lock-in. No matter what, but it’s getting involved a financial commitment unless you’re shopping a new phone. So, we’re going to compare Amaysim and Woolworths mobile for the unlimited SIM card plans. In these twos, the first one has been growing constantly over the last few years with its great mobile plans. The second one is fairly new in the mobile provider market.


You’ll get this provider’s plans in postpaid and prepaid that belled every 28 days. If you’re looking for a decent monthly data cap you can choose the prepaid plans. It’s because you’ll not get any shocking surprise on your bill at the end of the month if you can use your data wisely. This provider running on the Optus 4G Plus coverage and its prepaid plans keep your things simple with 5 contract-free preferences. With every plan, you’ll get the offer of unlimited talk time, SMS, and MMS as well that usable in Australia. Also, it’ll make you able to call 10 overseas countries with an extra charge of $30 per month for as much as you all need.

But, you’ll find only one difference between these plans and that’s only for the data limits. And this is the point that what you need to choose wisely and according to your needs. Besides, you’ll get the bottom end deal with 1GB to 2.5 GB and then 5 GB for an extra of the ten bucks. For many of you, 5GB is more than enough for a month if you’re not a heavy internet user. So, you have to take a look at most phones are able to tell you how much mobile data you have used.

Woolworths Mobile

As “Keeping It Simple” is the slogan of this provider, its mobile plans are probably on the top of the charts. Thanks to its no-fuss selection that comes with 4 different prepaid plans for your consideration. It comes with a 500 MB data limit with $250 call allowance is not suitable for most of the people. But, this is for the person who never uses their mobile phone in regular, but like to be connected with if need to be picked up from work. But, you’ll find the lowest plan only with 1.5 GB data, so we find Amaysim wins in this case in all the way. On the other hand, you’ll find the medium plan that’s similar to $30 for Amaysim and it worth $150 for this provider.

The Verdict

From the above discussion, we find Amaysim wins in this case in all the way over Woolworths even in the term of unlimited phone plans Australia.


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