We all love Art and craft. I remember even when I was little, I used to look forward to art and craft class more than recess. Nowadays, your childhood passion for arts and crafts and the DIY craze has infused together in a marriage that brings joy to people like us joy everywhere.

There are plenty of Art Crafts blogs online. Each focusing on what they are good at. These blogs provide you with satisfaction, solutions and inspiration to start or complete your very own art and craft project. Whether you want to start your own project or if you want to start this as a hobby, there are a few blogs you can follow. These blogs are my personal choice and they help me be inspired on my arts and crafts projects that I do with my family.

A Beautiful Mess

This arts and crafts blog is run by two sisters Elsie and Emma. This blog is hugely successful because of their great crafts content and DIY project tutorials. You can find a lot in this blog. From jewelry to decor to fashion they have incorporated everything into their blog. They even have real fun recipes that you can try out for yourself even. 

Their fun filled style of presenting and easy to understand methodology means that even kids can enjoy their content. These two sisters will help you live a well-rounded lifestyle with a splash of arts and crafts.


Founded by Grace Bonney, this daily blog first started its journey back in 2004. This popular blog encompasses a wide variety of topics. From travel and shopping to DIY arts and crafts they have all sorts of content. You will never be short of inspiration as their DIY section is a treasure trove of fantastic ideas.


Blueprint was originally known as Crafts is a Video on demand venture for NBC Universal. They offer content on everything you can need for your DIY arts and crafts projects. From baking, gardening cooking to woodwork there is no topic untouched by Blueprint. On top of all the blogs on your favorite topic they offer online classes as well. 

Blueprint is also a shop where you can buy anything you need for your projects. They are considered as one of the best arts and crafts shop around. Filled with great “How-to”s, “Step-by-step’s and “DIY”s their blogs will offer you all the advice you need.

Heart Handmade

This is a UK based blog that offers amazing DIY arts and crafts solutions. This blog can help you spruce up your house, office or personal study and even give you inspiration on the decoration for your next dinner party.

Honestly WTF

This fantastic blog offers great content in an easy to follow format. Consisting of great projects from wall hangings to embroidered straw bags this blog is a treasure trove inspiring content. With up to date projects this is blog that is always fashionable and is up to date with the sector.

Follow Your Arts and Crafts Passion

While there are many more amazing blogs out there that you can follow these are just my choices. Look these up and follow other amazing sites for inspiration. Remember the arts and crafts sector is ever changing and never short of inspiration, you just need to look for it.


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