Depending on the place you go to, the weather of California varies in December. This is also coolest month among other places in the state that means the daytime’s temperatures go as high as 60-degree Fahrenheit and lows just about 50-degree Fahrenheit.

Along with scattered showers of rain, the days of this month are mostly sunny. While going to North California, this is much cooler. For instance, you’ll see sunny days when you’re in San Francisco with a lower temperature of 60-degree Fahrenheit.

It’s 48-degree Fahrenheit at an average temperature of the nights. Like the best camping in Santa Barbara, some places are also best to visit in California when it’s December. So, let’s know about the places that are suitable for the December visit.

San Diego

It’s one of the most attractive destinations to visit in California right in December. Also, the natives like to walk the vacant beaches on the sunny days. As the season of whale watching starts at mid-December, it’s the right time to board on a cruise to view this unique scenery.

You should think about a Christmas tea out there at the hotels if you’re after the holiday attractions on the beautiful Coronado Island. This scene is almost the same as the “Some Like It Hot” show with famous actress Marilyn Monroe.

Also, you have the option to check the Pet Parade out that’s remaining in the fashionable Gaslamp Quarter. You’ll get charmed while visiting the well-preferred Old Globe Theatre that locates in the amazing Balboa Park. There is a great holiday festival along with the drink, food, and free entry to all museums.

San Francisco

Not just for California, but for entire America’s, San Francisco is one of the greatest cities to enjoy the whole year. And the special time to visit in San Francisco is December. But, they move out of the green and red carpet for Christmas.

There is a month-long festival called the “Festival of Lights” all through the city. In this festival, some artists install larger lights sculptures that set up in major spots for your pleasure.

In any quantity of ways, you may enjoy these lights from a walking tour of the city. It’ll gratify you while riding an extraordinary fire engine that takes the bay Christmas cruise.

Also, you’ll find the SantaCon, which is a party just for the adults. And this is the party where lots of costumes get the inauguration and get on with the roads for a cheerful party. Also, it may be the Art or Chocolate Show.

Palm Springs

Are you still wondering where to visit in California in the next December? So, Palm Springs could be the right solution and look no more than this place to visit. As day temperatures are lovely, this is a great time to travel around the desert of California.

Like the Santa Margarita lake camping, the area of the Greater Palm Springs is the just right for beginning your exploration. It includes the Palm Springs City and some other small nearest communities.


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