No matter you are owners of a medical imaging center, or a doctor yourself. But, you’ll get the freedom of talking about telemedicine with lots of people, and specialty physicians along with providers.

It has reinforced us to believe that the method is not only the future way to medicine, it’s also medicine itself. While we’re looking back at the issue, we have found three things.

These things are important to know because you include the telemedicine system in your healthcare system. Like better PACS system vendors, this latest method of technology has enabled you to reach anywhere at any time as long as you and the other end has a stable internet connection that processes data from DICOM PACS server.

But, the system is facing some challenges while practicing and implementing. Well, lasts know below what the challenges are.

Issues If You Fail to Make a Great Plan

One thing you should keep in mind that it’ll take enough time to get positive results of telemedicine. The experts say it may need about two years from the initial decision to final implementation to use it by providers.

As it’s a matter of prolonged time, you’ll get good help if you have a nice plan. You have made as great a detailed plan that should include a good starting point to enlisting all difficulties.

Also, the plan should include the answers to the questions like:

  • Why do you need to use this system?
  • How can you implement it with your existing system?
  • Who is going to use it?
  • When do you like to go live?
  • What advantages will your patients get?

Patients Will Slowly Adopt It

Did you change any workflow anytime that involves your patients? And how did the integration go? Have you got any repulse from the staff or patients? This is very crucial to remember: you’re going to change the mindset of your patients.

You should have the goal to making them think “I can visit my doctor using my phone” from “I need to go meet my doctor.” So, while making a plan, it should come with the statement of how you’ll help their buy-in plus approval of this latest model of treatment.

When your patients will have been completed some virtual visits, they should realize that they’re getting the same level of support. It means that you have to convince them to use the method. And you also should make them happy while using the new method of visiting a doctor.

Providers Might Be Hesitant

It might not be a matter of surprise to you. However, providers can be the most difficult part to encourage. In a telemedicine conference at the Service Provider Summit, a spokesperson from 14,000 healthcare providers said that 700 providers expressed interest in this method to implement.

And just one of them has contracted to offer remote care. So, remember, it doesn’t signify they’ll come for fun you’ve made it. But, there are some things that you can use to improve the situation. For example, know the metrics that will bring success, review them, and also share them.


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