You might be learning about this new trend that’s sweeping across the nation. But, we’re not talking something about unicorn food, which is currently known as death cleaning. And it’s also a way of less depressing than it sounds.

So, now the question is what death cleaning is and when plus how you should start on. That’s why we’re going to share the detail of the issue that will help you to be clear about the darkness. Before you call junk removal Manhattan Beach service provider, continue reading to know more about it.

What Death Cleaning Is

The term ‘death cleaning’ is a Swedish concept of decluttering that has come from döstädning. It was made more popular by a sweet Swedish woman, Margareta Magnusson. In her recent interview, she told the interviewer detail about what the death process is and where you should start it from.

She also has shown some ways to get rid of too many household items that they have their home inside. Moreover, she has a book as well where she has said in detail about her death cleaning and its process.

She has made the way her own after getting overwhelmed on her left behind and other household stuff. According to her, death cleaning is the task that you think to keep for some other people of your family, but you did them subsequently.

Tasks That Are Not Death Cleaning

This is a process that almost similar to the “Life-Changing Magic of Cleaning Up” of Marie Kondo. But, it’s a bit unique and different as well. Marie Kondo suggests keeping things that ‘glow joy’ and trashing or donating the rest.

Besides, Margareta’s move toward to cleaning a life span of clutter meeting points more on corresponding with your beloved ones. And it passes on your resources to them when you’re still breathing.

This will help you get two things while the first thing is that you free up some more space to enjoy your home best. Another thing is that you can solve the problem of beloved ones fighting over your property when you pass away. But, the issue arises while approaching to declutter with or without the help of junk removal Nassau county.

Some More Facts About Death Cleaning

Although Margareta is less than 100 years of age, she has said about death cleaning for more than her age. She suggests you should start this cleaning method as early as possible while you begin thinking about your mortality. It, of course, depends and varies on persons.

Indeed, you might have realized the issue of your mortality before a long time which means that you’ll have to begin this cleaning method sooner instead of later. In this case, while she was interviewing, her daughter asked about her death cleaning.

And she agreed with two head down storage areas of her apartment complex. First, she showed her locker that contains a bike. After that, her daughter opened up her storage unit and find a lot of clutter. This stuff was very surprising to Margareta.


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