Most likely, you have some African print fashion fabric scraps available if you’re a sewing lover. In any case, you’re not always going to have the perfect amount of fabric for a project. Regardless of leftover or new fabrics, the list of making things at home is almost endless.

We’re here with some of the excellent and practical ideas. So, you’ll get good options to make as unique as a personalized gift that relative or friend will love it if you give them in the next birthdays.

Most people think that homemade things have some particular type of care and affection. As a result, they prefer to get something that has made at home, no matter that is Asian or African women fashion. Here the items you’re going to gift in your friend’s upcoming birthday:

Blankets & Quilts

Blankets are as easy to make as very useful on your bed or sofa. Indeed, they’re right partners when you feel cold and keep your warm anyway. You can add a fleece inside layer on its one side if your used fabric is comparatively thin.

Also, you can use a range of various fabrics that will help you to make a matchless quilt. As a result, you or your beloved one will adore it forever.


When you feel very adventurous, you can make some new curtains. If you have windows that need a curtain, or they might have older ones that need to replace, you’re all set to do it yourself with ease.

It’s better to add an inside layer that will help it to be durable. Also, it’ll prevent daylight from entering into your room if you need it. But, it depends on the type of blind or curtain you’re going to make.

Hair Accessories

Lots of types of hair accessories are out there that allow you to make from a different fabric. You might have loads of leftovers of fabric that you can use for this purpose.

That means you don’t need to throw out the leftovers as you can use them to make hair accessories like hair bands, hair clips, and hair scrunches. You can make them on your own, your family members, friends, and loved ones.

Also, you have options to make your head wrap to use on the bad hair days. Many ways are out there to make and use head wrap. And when you go to make it, you need to use just one piece of favorite fabric cut in the right way.

Wall Hanging

When it comes to making a wall hanging, you might be as artistic as you want to be. You can create a wall hanging by the inspiration of your localities like a specific place, an event, landscape, nature, or animals.

Indeed, it has an endless possibility, and we’re sure you’ll get plenty of fun and exciting design. So many great “how-to guides” are out there you can find on YouTube if you’re confused about the ways to make wall hanging items.


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