Have you ever wondered about the many things in your house that are plain junk, but you keep them anyway? Here are some things you should get rid of right now.

1. Old Magazines

The good old magazines! Once you read them, you will probably never read them again, so why keep them? They are taking up space in your house and the mess usually drives you crazy. So, get rid of them, before you go into a frenzy about the mess and clutter.

2. Used Coupons

Coupons, they can be used for a lot of things, like discounts, great offers, getting things at an amazing price and once they have been used, you should diligently throw them away. So, why do you have to use coupons still hanging around in your kitchen drawers? They are probably used or expired. It’s time to get rid of them. You can put them in a recycling bin or just throw them away. They have served their purpose and you don’t need them for the rest of your life.

3. Old Clothes

We are all guilty of having a ton of clothes in our closets, but we still go for the same old black t-shirt and jeans or that favorite dress or skirt that fit you like a glove. What about all the old and torn clothes? You won’t wear them anymore, so why give them a home in your closet?

Give some of the clothes that are in good condition, but you don’t wear them anymore, away to charity or orphanages. They will wear it happily and these people need the clothes more than you do. So, why don’t you purge out our closet, while putting a smile on the faces of the needy, at the same time? Good idea, right!

4. Broken Things Beyond Repair

You can go through your entire house and find a box full of things that are broken, but you keep them because you have been thinking of repairing them when you get some time on your hands. Well, that time is long gone. Before the broken things lead you to a bigger pile of mess, throw these things away. Trash removal Staten Island NY companies are great for this purpose.

If you are new to the decluttering world, junk and furniture removal NYC services will help you a lot in this case. They will assist you through the entire process, like a stroll in the park.

5. Expired Medicine

Have you ever thought of going through your medicine cabinet? Look at all of the expired medicine you have in there. Throw them out immediately before someone who is unknowledgeable uses it. Expired medicine is never a good thing to keep around for long, so the best thing to do is to go through your medicine drawers and separate out the expired medications from the usable ones.


Sometimes, a deep purge of your house is all you need to make the house feel fresh and clean again. Happy purging!


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