There are special computer systems called PACS that help doctors store pictures of our insides. There are two kinds of PACS viewers: traditional ones and newer ones called HTML5 PACS viewers. Most people think that the HTML5 PACS viewers are better because they have cool features like not needing a special computer program, working on a regular internet browser, and making it easier to look at the pictures.

In this article, we will talk about the differences between HTML5 PACS viewer and Traditional PACS and which one might be better for different medical practices.

Comparison of HTML5 PACS Viewer vs. Traditional PACS

FeatureHTML5 PACS ViewerTraditional PACS
AccessibilityCan be accessed from any deviceLimited to specialized PACS workstations
CostLower cost due to less hardwareHigher cost due to dedicated hardware
Installation and maintenanceEasier installation and maintenanceComplex installation and maintenance
CompatibilityCompatible with most modern browsersMay require specific software or plugins
SecuritySecurity measures can be implementedSecurity measures may be limited
User InterfaceModern, easy-to-use interfaceThe interface can be outdated
Image ViewingHigh-quality image viewingHigh-quality image viewing
Advanced FeaturesLimited advanced featuresExtensively advanced features available
CustomizabilityCan be easily customizedMay be limited in customization options
CollaborationSupports real-time collaborationLimited collaboration options

Features of Traditional PACS Viewer

Traditional PACS viewers are tools that help doctors, and other medical professionals see, save, and organize pictures of what’s going on inside your body. Here are some things that they can do:

  • Work with special picture files that doctors use called DICOM files.
  • Let doctors look at pictures from different angles and directions.
  • Change the brightness, color, and size of the pictures to help doctors see them better.
  • Show two pictures side by side so doctors can compare them and see if anything has changed.
  • Let doctors write notes and measurements on the pictures to keep track of important information.
  • Allow doctors to safely and securely share pictures with other medical professionals and patients.
  • Can be customized to fit the specific needs of different types of doctors and healthcare settings.

Future of Traditional PACS Viewer

In the medical field, PACS is a technology that helps store, retrieve, and distribute medical images. PACS viewers are like computer programs that doctors use to see these images.

Here are some things that might happen in the future for PACS viewers:

Cloud-Based Solutions

This means that doctors will be able to access medical images from anywhere with an internet connection. This is helpful if doctors need to look at images for someone who is far away.

HTML5 PACS viewer

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Computers are getting better at looking at medical images and understanding what they mean. This can help doctors find problems faster and more accurately.

Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Doctors keep a lot of information about their patients on computers. In the future, doctors might be able to see medical images and patient information all on the same computer program.

Mobile Access

People are using smartphones and tablets more and more. In the future, doctors will see medical images on their phones or tablets.

Feature of HTML5 PACS Viewer

HTML5 PACS Viewer is a computer program that helps doctors see and store pictures of people’s insides. It has some cool features, like:

  • It works on different kinds of computers and phones, so it’s easy for doctors to use.
  • It can load pictures quickly, even if the internet is slow.
  • It can show different kinds of pictures altogether in one place, like X-rays and CT scans.
  • It can show pictures on more than one screen, so doctors can compare them easily.
  • It’s easy for doctors to use because it has simple tools and buttons.
  • It lets doctors draw on the pictures and take measurements to help them understand them better.
  • It can work with other computer programs that help doctors keep track of information about patients.

Future of HTML5 PACS Viewer

The future of HTML5 PACS Viewer (a web tool to view medical images) might include:


This technology can help doctors detect and diagnose conditions faster and more accurately. In the future, HTML5 PACS Viewer may use AI to do this.


Virtual and augmented reality could be used with HTML5 PACS Viewer to give doctors an interactive and immersive experience when looking at medical images.

3D Imaging

HTML5 PACS Viewer may expand to support 3D imaging, which would help doctors see more details for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

Cloud-Based Solutions

HTML5 PACS Viewer may use cloud-based solutions, which means doctors can access and share images safely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Integration with Other Healthcare Technologies

HTML5 PACS Viewer may work better with other healthcare technologies, like electronic health records and telemedicine, to make things easier for doctors and improve patient care.


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