Hiking is a great way to go outside and have fun. Adventurers often hike through terrains and rocky paths. For this reason, a hiker’s pants should be as challenging as possible. If you plan to hike for the entire day in rough terrains, getting a pair of proper hiking pants for women will protect your legs against abrasion and harsh weather. There are some great hiking pants women love; these not only protect their legs, but it’s comfy as well. Hiking pants for spring, summer, and fall are different. They are airy, breathable, and less bulky. For winter use, warm hiking pants like softshell pants are more suitable. But the fact of the matter is, how should you choose good hiking pants?


An essential feature of hiking pants is the material quality. Breathable, waterproof, and quick-drying are the labels of good hiking pants. This is secondary but as important as the other three basic features, and that is abrasion-resistant technology. Let’s face it; hiking isn’t like walking in a park. It is more dangerous than you would think. Stony terrains, slippery slopes, thorny bushes, and sharp rocks are common things you would cross while hiking. Therefore, choosing abrasion-proof pants is quite necessary. Summer weathers are harsh for hikers, and that’s where they make mistakes. Never opt for fully cottoned hiking pants as they take too long to dry. Nylons are more appreciated because they are stretchy and don’t take ages to dry up.

Ultraviolet Protect Factor

Yes! Sun protection of your body parts is necessary. UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor indicates the level of sun protection in fabrics. UPF is a calculation based on how much the sun’s UV rays penetrate the fabric. Similar to SPF-30, UPF-30 means 6.7% of UV radiation enters through the material. The UPF rating of a fabric depends on the type of fiber they are made of, such as nylon, cotton, or wool. As you don’t wear anything except your inner wear under your hiking clothes, it’s relatively essential to consider the fabric’s UPF rating. Protect your skin and be more conscious of the sun blocking factor.


Women’s hiking pants are often designed to look good. But hiker girls wouldn’t want flattering hiker pants if they are of no use. Makes sense, right? I mean, why would girls buy useless hiking pants when her regular pants do the same level of a job? So, as a hiker, you should seek pants that are functional and comfortable. Hiking isn’t that easy; you would be sweating in the heat, shivering in freezing temperatures, or deal with not well-trodden paths. Moral of the story you have to prepared for all the extremities your hiking journey throws you in. Choosing garments that make you feel comfortable and let you walk freely is something you should invest your money in.

And that is the list of some useful features which are somewhat similar to any hiking pants men to look for when choosing good hiking pants. These pants surely cost more than the normal ones, but compromising these features will only harm you in the future. So, shop, smart!


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