The DJI Mavic Air drone is the latest collection from the renowned producer DJI. With improved features, it’s available for just eight hundred dollars. It’s the type of drone that’s the dream for beginners and even for professionals alike in order to get aerial drone services.

This one is one of the latest flagship drones that have come from the DJI. If you’re seeking to start your drone diving journey, this drone can be your best choice. So, before you look for “aerial mapping services”, let’s know more about the improved DJI Mavic Air Drone.


This one is the new drone of the Mavic series with the smallest 4K Ultra HD. As you already know, it has made by the famous drone producer, DJI. This is already a major difference!

The drone is much smaller than its predecessors but still in the same resolution. It is small enough to fit every bag, and you can carry it all around. The Mavic Air DJI is the ultimate flyer. And the magnitude of the drone business is a milestone.


It’s an insane 4K drone in size. However, the detailed level of the tiny camera can work great. That’s why it blew us away while we first time studied its tech specs: many rivals and even bigger DJI drones record between 20 and 60 Mbps at bitrates.

The latest drone from Mavic Air writes its 100 Mbps data. This is astonishing because a lot more information is preserved and not squandered. For everyone who wants to produce beautiful film videos, this is a remarkable and major shift.

Inbuilt Storage

It’s the inbuilt storage that has improved for this drone. It comes with internal memory before that had never included before. So, if you forget to bring your MicroSD card, you don’t need to worry. Also, this is if it’s full after a stretched day of filming.

You may save your images to 8GB of internal storage and record your flicks. DJI could have added a few additional megabytes. We should not forget, however, that storage is supposed to be a backup! DJI still advises you to use MicroSD cards for daily filming. Incidentally, you need a high-speed card due to the high bit rates.

System of Obstacle Avoidance

It’s big, huge good news that this drone comes with a system of obstacle avoidance. The drone is not just ready to fly forward. But, it is the first Mavic drone ever also to incorporate a reverse obstacle avoidance technology. Your investment will be safer than ever before with anti-collision cameras. The DJI Mavic Air Drone’s reverse face sensors

360° with Tiny Planet Photos

You can shoot 360° photos with 32MP within seconds while flying this drone. Only one click on the smartphone allows mode. And the drone shoots a series of photos and stitches them automatically afterwards.

Free RAW images shot with DJI Mavic Air drone may be downloaded directly here. Moreover, this drone has some more useful features, including Quickshot Modes and Gesture Control.


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