Who doesn’t enjoy copious amounts of fried food? We believe we do, and we also enjoy wine! Just in time for the fair season, check out these fair food and personalized engraved wine bottles combinations. But here’s the thing: wine and food pairings don’t have to complicate!

Indeed, some of the finest food and wine pairings are simple meals. We understand that many state and municipal fairs have canceled this year. This allows you to drive up and get some of your favorite fair dishes.

Now it’s time to get to the exciting part — the pairings! Therefore, before you look for bottle engraving service, let’s know more about pairings.

Corn Dogs

We had to begin with one of the most well-known fair delicacies of all time! Corn dogs are crunchy and flavorful. A Sauvignon Blanc or a drier sparkling rosé would pair well with this fair food dish. Corn dogs may be rather salty, and you’ll need wine to complement that salty flavor.

Instead, how about a glass of red wine? Consider a Garnacha! The red fruit tastes and the little sharpness of the wine will complement the cornmeal exterior and the hot dog within wonderfully.

Deep-Fried Oreos

When you drink wine with your Oreos instead of milk, Greetings to adulthood! Lambrusco is the greatest wine to pair with deep-fried Oreos. The sparkling red wine is ideal with Oreos. Strawberry, blackberry, and rhubarb tastes will go well with the chocolate outsides and creamy insides.

Cheese Curds

We’re from Wisconsin, and we had to include these. And if you’re not from Wisconsin, you should think about making them at home. This all depends on the type of cheese curds you eat. Chardonnay is an excellent wine to pair with fresh cheese curds.

The green apple and citrus tastes will cut through the creamy, salty cheese curd. When you prefer your fried cheese curds with a glass of Prosecco, this is the drink for you. This wine’s bubbles will complement the fried food while also cutting through the saltiness.

Deep-Fried S’mores

The summery treat has just gotten much better! When it comes to combining s’mores, the most important factor to consider is the chocolate you’re using. It is often the strongest taste of the s’more. Tawny Port is the perfect wine to pair with a typically deep-fried s’more.

The wine includes cinnamon and toffee aromas that will complement the milk chocolate flavor of the s’more. Do you want to try something other than a standard s’more? Deep-fried any of these s’mores versions as well!

Bacon-Covered Corn on the Cob

We’re talking about decent food, so we had to do something bacon-wrapped! Grilled corn is best suited with a unoaked Chardonnay, no matter what you throw on top. The wine’s modest dryness cuts through the salty notes of the corn spices.

Krispy Kreme Burgers

Replace the boring old hamburger buns with Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Firstly, stop worrying about how many calories are in it… You would not want to find out!

Second, match this sublime combination of sweet and salty with a Vouvray. The honey and pear notes of the Vouvray will complement the sweet tastes of the doughnuts well.


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