Here are pros and cons of fingerprint sensors in smartphones these days.

Pros of Fingerprint Sensors

1. Easy to Use and Simple

There is no doubt that most of the modern smartphones come with fingerprint sensors either on the backside or in front. This option makes it easy for the users to unlock their devices. They don’t have to insert the password or pin again and again. They can simply put their thumb on the sensor and they will unlock the device instantly and use their unlimited data prepaid mobile plans.

2. Widely Used and Popular

This is also a good side of the fingerprint sensors that people have accepted them. You will not see a single phone or tablet coming without this feature. A lot of people are convenient with these because these help them unlock their phones in seconds. They feel very comfortable with this option.

3. Security and Safety

The only purpose of the fingerprint scanners was to make phones securer and safer. That is true as they have protected our devices and smartphones. The robbers or thieves can’t unlock the phones with fingerprint scanners. However, they can be unlocked with pin or passcodes. This is a huge benefit of the sensors and why people just love this option. They are always sure that in case the phone is lost, their data will be safe and so as their unlimited data prepaid mobile plans.

4. Good for Emergency

In case of emergency, the fingerprint sensors are good. Like, when someone has an accident on the road and people don’t know how to call the family of the person, they can unlock the phone of the user with their fingerprint and call the relatives using simple phone call or using their unlimited data prepaid mobile plans Australia. This can actually save lives of people and protect them in accidents.

Cons of Fingerprint Sensors

1. Don’t Work Sometimes

With the fingerprint sensors, the users are also asked to have a passcode or pin to lock and unlock the phone. But the negative thing is sometimes they don’t work. Even when it is really important the fingerprint stops working. For such cases, the users must know their passwords. And if they forget passwords, that means the phone is locked and can’t be opened anymore.

2. Legal Issues

Some users have reported the legal sides of the fingerprint sensors in the smartphones and this is actually something to worry about. The courts in the US ruled out that people will be bound to give fingerprint sensor, face ID or such other access to their devices when needed. However, this rule doesn’t apply to passwords or pin locks. That means, the fingerprint sensor is not a really good option.

3. Not Really Secure

We have talked about how secure and safe it is. But at the same time, it is really insecure and unsafe option. Someone can unlock your device with your fingerprint. For example, when you are ill or sick or simply asleep in your bed – anyone can come and unlock your phone. This can also happen at any other place. For this reason, the fingerprint sensors are said to be not really safe.


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