Are you planning to start a catering business from home? One of the essential tasks you need to do before beginning home-business is to take catering online. Having a food catering website will help you manage everything with ease and grace without needing a tonne of staff or managers to take control. That’s the perk of having a website for home-based catering service websites. With a catering site, you would efficiently complete almost 50 percent of work. But we are not here to discuss websites for catering.

Today, we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the catering business. If something has pros, they have cons as well. So, keep reading to find out.

Pros of Home-Based Catering Business

Easy Work

As I have discussed earlier, getting yourself an online ordering website for caterers is worth it for various reasons. With a website you can explore great horizons like listing your item menu, your culinary speciality, food prices can be done on one website or an app, whichever suits you. You can even enlist which type of catering you specialise in. For instance, you can mention whether it is a party, wedding, or corporate catering website. Your target customer would hire you based on your expertise.

Reduced Expenses

A significant benefit of a home-based business, whether it’s corporate, party, or buffet catering service is reduced expenses. It typically costs less than what you’d expect operating in a commercial space. You don’t have to pay the office rent or any other utility bills for that matter. This saves a lot of money.

Tax Deduction Benefits

If you live in Australia, you would know that home-based catering businesses or any businesses can claim certain expenses as tax deductions. The tax deductions include mortgage or rent, a portion of utility such as water and electricity, cost incurred for business calls and value of office furniture and electric appliances like fridge, microwaves, etc.

Cons of Home-Based Catering Business

Mixing Personal and Business Expenditures

Because you don’t have a separate office space, it would feel like you are incorporating all your work stress into your personal life. Also, it’s very easy to mix your business expenses with your personal ones. When the office and personal expenses aren’t properly apportioned, you can face difficulties to prove how much resources you need.

Easy Distraction

Distraction is the key disadvantage here. Working from home means your family members will be loitering around freely, disturbing you from an important call with your clients. Then the television noise, the ramblings of people, etc. all these are enough to get you distracted. And if you cook food on your own, then you need to get out of your desk multiple times. This means less productivity and more distractions.

These are a few pros and cons of having a home-based catering business. I would still say a home-based catering business is an excellent idea, especially if you are a newbie. You can always upgrade based on skills and profit. What is your opinion about a home-based catering business? Do share.


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