There are lots of reasons to hire a limo: to attend a business meeting, airport limo service, wedding, bachelor’s party, bachelorette’s party, quinceanera, homecoming, prom, etc. When you hire a limo from a limo rental company, you pay more than you pay for regular transportation. As you’re spending more, you expect a much better service from them, too. You can count on the good service if you hire a good limo but you need to ensure that the limo rental company meets the safety standards, too, because safety comes first. Here are five safety standards you should check if the limo has before you hire it.

Experienced and Professional Chauffeurs

The superior service of a limo doesn’t only depend on the limo, it depends on how good the chauffeur is, too. You won’t be driving the limo, so you need to ensure that the person who is driving is highly experienced and very professional. Check if he is well trained, has a valid driver’s license, copy of endorsement, etc. It’s also a good practice to check if he knows the basic first-aid applications. Limo chauffeurs are usually very well trained and professional, but it doesn’t hurt to check twice.

Reliability of The Limo

When you go to see the fleet of the limo rental company, you will see lots of options to choose from. Don’t be overwhelmed but rather check the one you’re interested in hiring is reliable or not. See if they routinely check the vehicle’s performance, take good care of its maintenance, and see if it has safety design features, safety equipment, and how stable it is. If you hire a limo that hasn’t been maintained well, you may face problems.

The Service’s Driving Policy

Limo service companies usually have a safe driving policy which must be followed by the chauffeurs. Take a look at the policy and see if it’s up to the mark. Also, check if the chauffeurs they employ have any previous DUI and if they are well trained or not. You can check their track record to feel more at ease.

Insurance of the Limo Service

This is necessary if anything really bad happens. It’s better safe than sorry. Accidents can happen to even the best of drivers. So, check if the limo service company can offer you insurance if things go south. Limo companies are usually required to meet high safety standards before they can get a license. If you can get a copy of the insurance, it will be good for you.

Get A Contract

This is necessary because verbal words won’t be good enough if something goes wrong. You should always get a written contract from the limo service company before you hire a limo from them.


When you go for a better limousine service East Lansing MI, you should also strive for a mode of safer transport, too. It’s always good to take extra measures when it comes to safety.


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