With around 6,100 applications available in the Shopify App Store, there are many ways to move the dropshipping business to another level. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re new to dropshipping.

However, without the proper tools, your revenue and internet business will not develop. That is why we are always updating the list of our top Shopify applications.

So, these are the applications you should add to your dropshipping business right now. It’s if you want to generate the maximum money from every visitor and client. Therefore, before you look for an automated dropshipping website, let’s know more about the apps.


This is a great free Shopify tool for drop shipping businesses. This tool provides simple and “actionable analytics” for Shopify.

Compass assists you in learning about your store’s strengths and limitations while identifying revenue-generating actions. So, this app has practically excellent reviews, and we highly recommend it.

Bing Shopping

A Shopify app allows you to sell things using the Bing Ad Network. So, you may sell your items on Bing Search, Bing Shopping, Bing Image Search, and Bing Partner Sites with this free drop shipping software.

Google Shopping Feed

Dropshipping websites Shopify converted their app that pulls your product feed into a sales channel. Shopify essentially damaged the app by doing so.

So far, we’ve discovered that the Google Shopping Feed is the best substitute. So, there seem to be free choices and price tiers based on the number of goods in your dropshipping business.

Live Search

This is a Shopify app that shows live product suggestions to your consumers while they search in your store’s search box. The software will offer handy search recommendations to your shop and its consumers.

So, it’s allowing them to quickly locate what they are looking for. That eCommerce software has a five-day free trial and costs $3.99 per month.


It is a Shopify app that we constantly suggest. It’s free and has received five stars from over 17,000 reviews. Apparently, we’re not the only ones that adore this dropshipping software! With free and customizable pop-ups, exit intents, banners, and bulk discounts, you can easily leverage the app’s capabilities to develop your email list.

In addition, this free Shopify app will integrate with your existing email marketing platforms. So, use code DROPSHIP to get 20% off any premium plan for three months.

Turbo SEO

This is a Shopify app that will help you increase your search engine click-through rate. The app is a one-click install that uses JSON-LD search presentation technology to increase your search engine rankings.

No code has required. So, you may buy this software for a one-time charge of $30. It is a wonderful deal that saves you money on recurring monthly fees.

Product Upsell

This is the Shopify app market’s best-reviewed upsell and cross-selling app. Plans start at $9.99 per month and go up to $90 per month. However, adjustable-price tiers depending on monthly traffic views are available.

So, this software has recommended offering upsells and promoting upgrade items to consumers. It depends on cart content, total money in the basket, or a combination of the two!


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