We know once your fiancé puts an engagement ring on your finger. You never want to leave it. We understand the feeling and respect it. But it’s important to lift off your ring in some cases.

Everyone wants that their ring will keep on with shimmer and glossy lasting for longer than expected. Occasionally you should not wear your ring.

Like custom jewelry design, taking care of your jewelry is very crucial. To keep your ring shiny and polished you should follow some tips before going to a jewelry repair service that are given below.

Working Out

Physical exercise makes a person Sweat. Sweating is good for health. The chemical compositions of sweat are very dangerous for any metal. Get off your ring while you exercise, take shower, swim, play, and physical activities. It is very harmful to your ring.

The materials of diamond jewelry, platinum and gold are very squashy. As a consequence of your activities put down pressure on your ring. This pressure can change your ring shape as well. The shape of a ring bent enough then you may lose your diamond or stone.

On the other hand, don’t forget to lift off your ring while you swim, shower. The first thing is cold water makes your fingers squeeze. Besides your ring can simply slip off when you use soap. It makes much easier for an already loose engagement ring to disappear during swim and shower.

It is very hard to find out jewels from the drain or commode. Perhaps you will lose your ring. At the same time the chlorine of the pool’s water, soap is harmful to your ring. It can mutilation and fade the intensifying of your ring’s metal or wedding band. Oceans and pools are prohibited from precious jewelry.


We know moisturizer is very helpful for our skin. However, it is not helpful for your ring. The additional buildup can contract the brilliance and make your stone dismal forever. To save your rock make sure a gloomy layer doesn’t form on it. You will wait until your hand fully dried.


On the other hand cosmetics hairsprays, perfumes are also harmful to your ring. These can destroy your ring’s natural glow and shine. Permitting to Nadine Arzerounian, president of operations and design for Tacori, it happens.

“I take off my rings the moment I walk into my house so I can seamlessly move through my nightly routine,” she says. Keep away the ring from any sort of cosmetics.


You can crash on your engagement ring on dangerous exteriors such as bathrooms’ shelves, kitchen, floor, etc. when you clean your house you can damage stone and settings.

Usually, household cleaners contain chemicals like bleach and ammonia. Color of the ring or band may change for chemicals, bleach, household cleaners. On the other hand, do not wear a ring while you cook and prepare food. These are the last steps to aware of it.

Germs and bacteria can easily get stuck into the ring setting. There is a risk to slip of ring while rinsing in the sink. It’s really important to lift off your ring during cooking.


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