We often get a common question from the people and that how they will save their crypto tax. Also, many people want to know the details about the bull market. Here, in this content, we will try to provide the details on the bull market.

Besides, you will get some effective methods to save the crypto tax. First of all, you should know that the US toll methods work every year calendar. So, at the end of the year, one can get a great benefit by giving the tax liability for the next year’s calendar.

For example, you have bought two Bitcoins at $6,000 at the end of 2020. But in 2021, it will be worth $ 40,000. Therefore, when you want to sell them, then you can do it in November and December.

If you’re going to get more tips to save the crypto tax, then scroll down and read the content. So, before you look for “KeepABit,” let’s go to the main topic.

Use HIFO to Cut Crypto Taxes

If you want to cut the crypto taxes, then first, you have to use HIFO. Mainly, it allows one to calculate crypto gains by setting the coins that you pay for the first highest amount.

By doing this simple task, one can minimize the capital gains with the related taxes. However, you have to follow a few more processes to get more facilities from HIFO.

So, have a look at the below.

  • The time and date of every part was acquired
  • Your source and the value of impartial market of each part was acquired
  • The time and date each section was the exchange and sold or disposed
  • Lastly, each part’s impartial market’s worth when exchange, sold, and the property’s value got for each part.

Lastly, our advice is to use Coin Tracker to track records of your every task. Otherwise, it will be tough and time-consuming to maintain the records.

Coin Tracker Based Setting Cost

If you think that you will not fulfill the above tips, you can go for the FIFO methods. But this method will not be beneficial for one.

Produce Tax Loss to Balance Crypto Gains

Now we will present another great tip for you. Here, the tax loss allows one to sell the losing sites to privilege loss for tax. However, you will get the top ten high crypto currencies that are available in a bull market.

One can easily apply this trick on a holding cost basis. Even where it is more than your market price, now look at the example, one has a coin, and you buy it at a high rate than the current price. Then you will sell it again at a high cost.

Gift Crypto Currency to Your Family Members

Lastly, our advice is to gift crypto currency to your nearest persons and family members. One can gift your spouse, brother-sister, and children as well. You can use wallet services like keep a bit to do such transactions.

One must make a file where you use crypto, and according to this, one has to pay tax. But if you can show that you gift somebody the crypto currency, you can easily set it in the IRS report file.


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