Are you thinking to start skateboarding? We will present some tips that will be very helpful for the beginner. Then today’s discussion will help you a lot.

We will present the differences between the beginner’s skateboard wheels and pro skateboard wheels in the entire content. Now you can tell that both wheels look like same. Yes, both wheels are indeed almost identical.

In the below content, we will tell you what you have to check in a wheel as a beginner. Also, there will be some tips that will also help you to get beginner requirements quickly.

So, before you look for the Lake Lanier water sports, read the below content till the end and get the best thing to make your first skating journey enjoyable.

Identify Your Need

The first thing is always first. Especially when you select some tools and devices, even the skateboarding wheels, it is essential to identify your need. The expert always says that choosing the right skateboard wheels for the beginner is a little bit tough.

Well, now the question can come which type of wheel the beginner should choose. Even it can be a waste of money if you do not select the right one for you. Here, we will recommend you go for the soft and big wheels.

Usually, these sorts of wheels help a lot to learn skateboarding quickly. Commonly, you will feel not comfortable when you are riding for the first time. And the wrong wheel size can make it more uncomfortable.


We have already presented that which type of skate wheels you need as a beginner rider. So, in this segment, we will tell you about the quality of skateboarding. It will be better if you buy your skateboarding wheels from the Spitfire and Bones brand.

We cannot but share that we have talked with the many skate riders using these brand’s products. They were very happy with the product service. First of all, all the wheels of Spitfire and Bones are soft and big.

That is why the beginner also can use it without any hassle. Another important thing is that it is very easy to control. In a word, the performance of the Spitfire and Bones skateboarding wheels is amazing, and they are very durable too.

Contact Patch

Now we will talk about one crucial thing, and that is a contact patch. You may know that when someone rides the skateboard, it is essential to distribute the weight perfectly. It is vital to select the correct contact patch for the beginner.

Otherwise, you may fall, and it can be a cause of a significant accident. So, to avoid this sort of situation, you have to select the correct contact patch.


We often notice that most beginner skate riders do not even know about the durometer. But the durometer is very vital for every rider. Even the pro riders may need the durometer. So, do not forget to buy one durometer when you go for purchasing a skateboard wheel other than renting a skateboard from a lake jet ski rental company.


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