The beginners feel a bit overwhelmed while choosing themes for WordPress (WP) websites. Thousands of free options are out there, along with paid versions. Each of them looks better than others, so it might be a matter of confusion to decide which one is undoubtedly better for you.

That’s why we’re going to share some considering points from the best web design company Australia professionals that will help you to choose the most excellent WP themes for your websites. You’re going to build, for example, a social or political website.

So, you should get a theme that will improve the readability of the site. No matter you work as a web designer or for custom web development services, the themes we’re going to discuss will help you. Well, let’s start!

Look for Simplicity

Lots of WP themes have vivid colors, flashy animations, complex layouts, etc. Although they’re helpful sometimes, in most cases, you don’t need them all. The crucial sophistication is simplicity. That’s why find out themes come with a great design layout will be useful to get your desired goal.

The design of a website should be better looking, but it doesn’t mean you should compromise with simplicity and usability. So, ensure that the style of presentation of the selected theme is not very complicated.

Finding the necessary information of the visitors that they’re in search of is the essential purpose of creating a website and its design. A theme is not good enough if it looks great, but it’s not supportive of getting new subscribers or sales.  

Responsive Is Compulsory at Any Rate

When you have a responsive theme, it adjusts the design layout across various sizes of screens and devices. A broader range of visitors to your website come from mobile and some other handheld gadgets.

The number can be somewhat higher than fifty percent of your web traffic, which is dependable on the topics of your website. The giant search engines like Google shows the results of search results at the first of the top sites that are mobile-friendly.

It doesn’t matter much what the demographics and topics of your site. But, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it matters a lot. Even though the maximum number of WP themes are already ensured to be mobile-friendly, themes with fixed-width design layout aren’t suitable to access through mobile devices.

Compatible with Browsers

All users are not using the same browsers to access your site all over the world. Your website may look great and perfect on your browser. But, it may be broken or some other issues while other users visit it through other browsers.

That’s why the theme should be compatible with all browsers out there. The theme developers test their themes thoroughly by using different browsers. That’s because they want to make sure their product will work smoothly on all browsers.

Also, they mention it on their site, whether the theme compatible with all browsers or not. If you don’t find it stated clearly, you have to test the theme by using different browsers.


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