Most possibly you have interaction with a PACS if you’re working at an imaging center or hospital. But, we’re not sure whether you’re getting the best and most from your current solution or not. Also, if your patients visit a satellite place, they may need to access their images.

Moreover, your current solution should be as easy as collaborating with your colleagues on the tough cases. And it’s able to get them down to ensure that you’re not in another location.

If you’re using a PACS and you’re not getting these all advantages, then you must continue reading. You’ll get an easy solution from this content regardless of using the cloud 9 PACS or some other PACS solution.

Why Do You Need Improved PACS Solution?

When you’re with limited options of viewing, accessing, and sharing of your patients’ medical images, you should consider getting something else of your current solution. It’s because you should get endless flexibility with a PACS when it’s powered by the Cloud.

All upkeeps are remaining on your vendor’s hands, so you or your staff doesn’t need to do any heavy task. You should have an easy way to view, share, and use patients’ images with your colleagues. Now, let’s know some tips to improve your hospital PACS solution.

Get The Solution with S-A-M

S-A-M is the short form of Sharing, Access, and Modality that all are regarding of your patients’ medical images which are accessible through open source DICOM viewer. While using a PACS of Cloud-based, this is its result. Possibly you’re using an on-site PACS in a hospital and you can keep things great in this in-house way.

But, the issues arise when patients like to use their images from a satellite location. Also, it’s problematic when you’ll need to use your patients’ medical images outside of your hospital network. So, it’s as cumbersome as difficult to organize the images.

Also, your patients may end up with their multiple IDs and don’t get their records when they need them to work with. Thus, your hospital staff starts don’t like to do it when patients are outside of your hospital.

Get Rid of Multiple IDs

When you have cloud-based PACS, your patients don’t need multiple IDs in this system. So, depending on your requirements, ask your service provider to set up your solution up to enable it automatic and instant organizing process of your patients’ records. No matter they’re doing it for a hospital or an imaging center, the patients’ records go to the one single ID.

Find Second Opinions Instantly

When you want to collaborate with your colleague about a case, you like to hunt them taking down. You can do it easily as the cloud solution enables you to access and share patients’ images with anyone within a single click in seconds.

Also, the patients will get access to their medical images with gated credentials. And these all get handled by your cloud service provider that makes your task so simple and save it enough time for you as well.


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