You should have a marketplace to sell website design, the batch of logos, or whatever work you made and when you complete them. A large number of websites are out there, so you can choose from them easily to sell your creations without spending much time with a “digital marketing agency near me”.

It means that selling your web designs and other similar tasks is not difficult. Also, they’ll bring the right amount of money and promote your brand. You might be a web designer, 3D logo maker, artist, or illustrator; you have a great demand for the creative works.

Even you don’t need to create your individual website to sell your designs. Thanks to different sites, it’s simpler to sell your work with ease. We’re website design Long Island, going to discuss some of the marketplaces that allow you to sell your designs.

Envato Elements

It’s one of the famous digital marketplaces where you can sell your multiple digital products. These may include web templates, graphics, WordPress themes, fonts, and photos with some other digital items.

It believes in supporting independent designers, and the firm succeeds when the community thrives. They also share 50 percent of net income with their designers and retailers with this conviction.

This marketplace has exclusively driven by the designer community who sell their work with them. It’s a great way to have your creative work paid off.


If you’re seeking a community-driven digital marketplace, DesignCuts is your right choice. The marketplace is very selective when it comes to allowing the sellers on their site.

Having a look at their website, you’ll see the quote, “We’re quite selective and collaborating with just the world’s finest artists, curating the top quality marketplace around.”

That means it’s hard to become a seller on their marketplace. So if you do so, you’ll be part of a small group that has access to a vast number of prospective clients.

The Hungry JPEG

While being a website to facilitate crafters and designers steer the design world, the Hungry JPEG started its journey in late 2014. From website templates to handmade goods, it offers a broad array of products.

You’ll earn 70 percent of all sales you make if you select to sell your products on The Hungry JPEG. The percentage is one of the maximum numbers of any other websites on our list. They don’t ask for an exclusivity agreement.

It means you can list your goods on their page and on whatever other websites you choose. They also offer an automatic merchandise distribution system such that even though you’re gone, the products are still on sale.

Template Monster

The marketplace is in business since 2002, and from its get-go, it has changed the way websites have built. They have a specialization in providing Web models and other internet-based products.

It’s because WordPress themes, plugins, fonts, CMS models, and images are to find, along with several other digital items to be sold and bought. They add approximately 400 new items in all of the above-listed categories per month.


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