It’s not a hidden secret that WordPress has achieved the top position on the blogging platforms these days. It’s because this is not just a free service, it also offers the needs of the users. Thanks to the WordPress developers, they have contributed and also continue contributing to developing the platform for the best output.

That’s why you’ll find a large collection of different WordPress plugins that you can pick to embed your website or blog. Also, it allows you to customize your individual space consistent with your personal taste. Apart from this, the developers have prepared some other plugins to provide you the best integration and advantages accordingly.

While using them, you can get many types of features on your blog. These include how to convert PDF to Word free is one that relates to our discussion point as well as word to pdf free. Now, let’s know some PDF plugins for WordPress that are very useful to you.


When you have posts with PDF, Article2PDF comes in use out there. It’s because this plug-in helps the reader to download the PDF files. It has been dominating over many other similar plugins as it lets its users by specifying a template layout for the PDF files.

Also, the used links, images, formatting, table, lists, and other HTML elements in your post remain preserved in PDF. Moreover, the post that creates PDF files is easy to cache so you can reduce the load on your server.

Google Doc Embedder

This is another very useful plugin that’s very popular for its practical features. It allows you to embed the PDF files along with the presentations of PowerPoint directly to the Google Docs into your blog post. Another attractive thing about the plugin is that it doesn’t need uploading presentations or PDF files.

What t can do in simple is that it just picks the file up from the particular URL of Google Doc. Also, it does the same for other web location and then it displays in the post. So, this is a very useful plugin for your blog with PDF files.


This plugin is ideal for you if you like to accumulate the blog posts in the PDF book form. You’ll be able to turn blog posts of one year’s worth into a book for without charge. And it just requires some simple clicks using this plugin. Then you’ll get the XML data of the posts and send them to its server.

It’ll covert these posts into a book with a ‘Table of Content’ along with pagination. After that, you’ll be able to download your PDF book. While using a free plan, it allows you to generate 3 books along with a validity of 6 months’ duration.


This is a very handy plugin when you need to embed a PDF document into a post when that comes in .swf file. As it uses interface of zviewer, it works easily like iPaper interface to view your PDF files. Also, it allows you to read eBooks and magazines by converting to an SWF file.


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