The boom we’ve seen in video conferencing tech since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going anywhere soon. There are already lots of changes in these 1.5 years.

Video conferencing has enabled professionals to communicate on the go without travelling anywhere, benefiting companies and their employees.

Here are the top five web-based video conferencing trends to watch in 2022.

#1. The technology will continue to evolve.

As major technology companies continue to push the worldwide use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the video conferencing business creates capabilities that interact with these developing technologies.

With the introduction of capabilities like object detection, AI will enhance the immersion of every conferencing session. Smart camera controls may also be included, which will help monitor individuals present in the video conference through automated camera panning.

More significantly, as the technological environment evolves, we will see an overall decrease in in-person meetings. As a result, companies that haven’t upgraded their video conferencing equipment will be left behind.

#2. Integration of hardware & software.

As company owners prefer to maintain their workflow in one interface rather than hopping between platforms, the relationship between hardware and their software counterparts will continue to grow.

This will trickle down to a company’s communication infrastructure. Many opt for a cloud-based PBX from the same company that provides online web conferencing. Because software and hardware can work together to create the best quality video and audio, the entire meeting experience will improve.

#3. The cloud will continue to take centre stage.

The growing popularity of cloud-based video conferencing shows no signs of slowing down. Given the solution’s flexibility and scalability and its potential to decrease conventional commute and travel expenses, this is expected.

Businesses continue to recognize the advantages of remote work on employee productivity, resulting in more flexible working arrangements. This development coincides with the growing popularity of cloud-based video conferencing systems.

According to business experts, cloud-based conference calls are expected to enhance interoperability between video conferencing and meeting room technologies in 2022. Conference calls will be managed from a single location. They will work on any device, eliminating the need for human maintenance and increasing stakeholder connectivity.

#4. The quality of video conferencing will increase.

With remote work becoming the norm, it’s no surprise that video conferencing has become a regular part of 55% of businesses’ daily operations. This implies that workspaces will need to update their infrastructure to support enterprise-level audio and video.

Businesses will customize the virtual environment with their branding and add their own aesthetic flavour to their conferences, not just as audio and visual quality improves.

The-quality-of-video-conferencing-will-increase-on-ContributionSpaceIn late 2021 and 2022, updating the workplace layout to reflect these shifting expectations will be a top priority. Traditional office spaces will be prioritized above specially built multi-purpose huddle rooms, casual meeting rooms, and board rooms with video conferencing capabilities.

#5. There will be many new features (obviously!).

Expect feature improvements that improve interface usability in 2022. Users expect their workplace technology to be easy, intuitive, and dependable so they can spend less time setting up infrastructure or troubleshooting technical issues and more time conducting critical business discussions.

Customers will distinguish companies based on their capacity to safeguard sensitive information; thus, data-protection features will continue to develop.

Intelligent analysis and data feedback are both advancing at a rapid pace. This means AI may analyze the conference’s mood and engagement and provide data back to the host to increase efficiency and cooperation.


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