Cloud video conferencing has become mainstream after the COVID-19 set its foot in this world. Financial services companies are even more likely to use cloud video conferencing as an alternative to on-premises systems, with 52.2% currently doing so.

Video conferencing allows any company to rapidly deliver high-quality, feature-rich services to all workers and meeting locations without having to spend a lot of money upfront. It also gives you quick access to new features like high-definition, wideband audio, and AI capabilities that help you start meetings faster, record meeting notes and action items in real-time, and translate between native-language speakers.

Organizations in the financial services industry are increasingly using web video conferencing software to improve client relations. Portfolio managers, loan officers, and insurance agents, for example, may interact with consumers visually, resulting in better experiences, greater up-selling, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Employee betterment is another element driving video conferencing usage. “User demand” is cited as the main motivator for increasing video conferencing. The rising popularity of video conferencing among consumers is boosting video acceptance, resulting in a video-first generation that has grown up with a video as its primary mode of communication.

When comparing rival video conferencing services, buyers often seek the following features. So, before you look for “online video conferencing software” let’s go through the article.

  • Consistency of Experience

The lowest operating cost, maximum usage, and largest productivity benefits are associated with a provider that provides a unified meeting experience across PCs and rooms of all sizes via a single set of interfaces.

  • High-Quality Audio & Video

For video-enabled meetings, high-definition and wideband audio are becoming more common.

  • Ease Of Use

Applications should be simple to use and enable users to interact with one another rapidly.

  • Fast Start-Up & Join Times

Ideally, it should take no more than a few seconds for someone to start or join a meeting. Employees should be able to quickly plan, create, and manage sessions using their current calendar application.

  • Integrations

Integrating meeting applications into team spaces is critical as businesses increasingly use team apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack. This ensures that workers don’t have to switch apps to meet.

  • Global support

Who works on a global scale, the ability to attend a conference from anywhere in the globe is critical to their success.

  • Security

Security features like encryption in transit, the ability to restrict access to meetings and recordings, single sign-in, and support for role-based security models are all required by financial services companies. Security certifications, such as SOC 2 Type 2, are often sought by buyers.

Final Words

Adoption is the key to success, not just choosing the best cloud video conferencing service. Employees now understand the advantages of interacting with one another through video; thus, simple-to-use, high-quality services are likely to become viral.

Financial services executives should turn to the cloud for their betterment. The company will enjoy the advantages of video in increased internal and external engagement, lower expenses, and quicker access to new capabilities.


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