During summer, the weather remains too hot. So you need to follow some hairstyles which will not bother you for the weather, stated by one of the best barbers in Queens. Luckily, summer weather hairstyle is effortless and easy.

This gives you a simpler and casual look. Here are five hot weather hairstyle ideas for you. Before you look for the “best barbers near me”, check it out.

The Bubble Ponytail

The ponytail is effortless and easy for styling. It gives a casual look to you. Gather all the hair at the top then secures with the hairband. Apply hair spray to set the hair so that the hair will remain the same.

Place the elastics to the length, and the last 1 will be around 3“from top to bottom. After that, expend all hair gently between the elastics for making a round shape.   

The Natural Waves

As you know that the summer hairstyle is effortless and easy to make. The easiest system to make the wave naturally is to do it from the natural hair. For making this hairstyle, your hair needs to be healthy and shiny.  So, let’s start from the beginning.

Firstly, shampoo your hair and then apply conditioner for moisturizing the hair. Try to dry the hair naturally at around 80%. After that, divide the hair into many sections.

Now apply hair cream for making the wave effect to the hair.  Also, take the towel or the t-shirt for crunching the hair from top to bottom. Repeat this until you do not get the result as you want.  

The French Cheat Twist

The French cheat twist version is perfect and good. For the hot weather, you can keep it loses for a casual look. So, try to air dry the hair for creating a natural look to the hair. 

Use shampoo and conditioner for moisturizing the hair. Gather all the hair to the side. Secure the hair vertically by the bobby pin. Do this from top to bottom.

Secure the bobby pin vertically from bottom to the up. Place the last 1 downward. Now gather all the hair in a hand then twist it up tightly.   

The Heatless Waves Like Beach

If you want to make wave hairstyles, the process will not be too easy. It would be best if you put a bit of effort into creating the perfect look. First of all, apply the hair cream, which is curl-enhancing. Make sure you are applying this when your hair is properly clean.

Now, divide the hair into 3 to 4 sections. Remember, if the hair is healthy, make 3 sections. For thick hair, you need to make 4 sections. Make braids in each section.

Also, roll the bottom part then secure it with the clip. When the hair becomes dry, release all braids. Lastly, rake and shake the lengths by the finger for the final look. 

The Space Buns

Space bun is effortless to make. Apply the hair spray to the hair. Also, make parts to the off-center. Gather all hair and make a ponytail and twist each of them. Then secure the bun, pull it to expand in shape.


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