First off, it’s the not best way to handle your patient’s medical images for some reasons while burning CDs or DVDs. The reasons include the overall efficiency and security issues. However, sometimes things go at the way when you may need to choose burning CD/DVD.

You should ensure that your PACS needs to be able to accommodate the process integrating online DICOM viewer. It might be essential for your lack of technical know-how or your personal preference.

That’s why some patients like to get their medical images to a personal disc instead of keeping them on your cloud that needs software like Sante DICOM viewer or on some electronic media.

It’s true the media of CD/DVD is getting obsolete. But, you will probably have to get some methods to calm down your less technically progressed patients.

What Does Go Wrong While Burning CD/DVD?

Throughout this post, we’re going to unpack the way you should address the issue. But, let us tell you about the reasons why CD/DVD should not be the most preferred option to store your patients’ medical images. Some issues burning the CD/DVD is somewhat problematic to view and transfer medical data and images.

The first one is that they’re often difficult for a physician to take out and integrate them with their EHR system if the records come with discs. Additionally, the documents usually come with and image viewing app. But, the viewer could be or most time is not compatible with the system of your referring physician.

Moreover, some studies are rich in data like images of digital breast tomosynthesis may not be fit on the media like CD or DVD. Also, this is a common possibility that you may lose, damaged, or stolen your CD/DVD.

If you get a CD misplaced, it means you’re losing your image copy forever. Apart from this issue, you’re at risk of getting exposed to your patients’ private health information. Besides, you’re also in risk of raising the regulatory compliance issues.

Burning CD/DVD from an Existing Cloud PACS

This is extremely possible to make a copy of your existing images on the cloud PACS to a CD or DVD. Your vendor has flawless integration that has built into the platform has enabled easy and quick CD/DVD burning.

But, don’t forget to consider a point that just being able to burn CD/DVD is not enough to suit a vendor in all other cases. For one, you’re pretty sure that most of the vendors offer to burn CD/DVD from the existing cloud PACS.

What You Should Do Instead

So, we found a burning CD/DVD is very problematic. That’s why you should avoid going this way. Instead, you have to think about some innovative ways. It may include sharing the records with your patients.

Also, you can provide access to your PACS to your staff who are related to your studies and research activities. Thus you can take you out of the limitation of burning CD/DVD with your patients’ medical images.


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